Tilburg University and The Sleeping Beauty

‘Advancing Society’

It was privilege for me to attend in person the official Opening of the academic year 2015-2016 in Tilburg University, and to learn from the experience, wisdom and visionary thinking of people like Dr. Koen Becking, President Executive Board, Professor Emile Aarts, Rector Magnificus, Professor Kim Lane Scheppele, Princeton University, and Dr. Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission.

Professor Emile Aarts, Rector, Tilburg University

The Rector delivering his speech

The atmosphere of strong commitment to basic human values, innovative approach and firm resolution to build up Tilburg University’s contribution to our civilizational development fully justified the theme of the academic ceremony: ‘Advancing Society’.
I sincerely wish success to the Rector – Professor Emile Aarts, in accomplishing his ideas about how to awaken the Sleeping Beauty.

Tilburg Uni Tapestry

As for the impressive tapestry in the university’s Auditorium (above) , my interpretation would be:
Whatever choices you have made during the statistically average 17K days and 17K nights of your human presence on our planet, you will leave your unique and ineradicable footprint on the road of the human civilization. It does not matter how big or how deep this footprint is.
The only thing that matters is the direction you have walked.


About lubomir todorov

The years of work and studies I have spent in countries of diverse anthropological, political and cultural realities like Japan, Australia, Russia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Czechia, and my numerous visits across the globe, were abundant in meetings and conversations with not only politicians, government officials and businessmen, but also people of different existential background, ethnicity, education and profession, philosophy and religion, social status and political inclination: aboriginal painters in Australia, US generals, Japanese Buddhist and Shinto priests, Majesties and members of Royal families, Russian scientists, street Mapuche musicians in Chile, British parliamentarians, Indian philosophers, Czech university professors, CEOs of top Japanese corporations, Chinese social sciences researchers, Dutch entrepreneurs - to mention just a few. Over time all this primary data, intertwined with the everyday inflow of information about human activities all over the world and their real-time consequences, were re-assimilated in my mind through the tools of philosophy, international relations, ethics, biology, economics, history and political sciences to gradually constitute a distinct resolution to re-examine my understanding about politics and the nature of human society. Making all the time hard efforts to keep the methodology machine uncontaminated by ideological, political or personal prejudice, I clung to one rule: If you aspire for the beauty of truth, it is only facts and logic that matter. Questioning the viability of human social and political behaviour and the capacity of existing political systems to lead to where people want to be, I believe that sooner than later, in pursue of sustainable prosperity, our humanity will embrace its ultimate imperative of Civilizational Thinking. Human Civilization is the spiritual dimension of homo sapiens group survival strategy that urges humans to mutually defend their strategic self-interest by generating Civilizational Values; and the optimal political environment for that is Universal Future: a global multifaceted platform on which all polities in their ideological, political, national, cultural, ethnic, religious, racial, etc. diversity exist, interrelate and compete with each other on non-violence basis.
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