The Absolute Rules

(1) Pirates Dividing Booty

The captivating charm of being unlimitedly human is that each one of us is unique. We are all different. We indulge in being different from others, and we enjoy communicating with others because they are different. Each and everyone of us has their very own views, likes and dislikes, passions, personal life experience, favourite films and music, and plans and dreams that are hiding deep in our individual existence . A complete Universe of things.
The vigour of humans being unique, however, exists and develops in an environment that is inevitably collective. We are not hermits scattered in the mountains, we are currently seven plus billion human beings on the planet, sharing physical and social space with other human beings in our families, cities and villages, in corporations and countries. And intensive contemporary trends in social communications and information exchange makes us feel close to each other more than ever, fully disregarding even geographic distance. If we, humans, are bricks, no matter how perfectly baked, we still need a very high quality mortar, when we intend to construct for ourselves a strong alcazar.
That is the reason why we have rules of living together – customs, laws, regulations and agreements. Written and not written. And practice has times and times reconfirmed the conclusion that those most stable in time, by far massively abided and least provoking conflicts are the rules and laws that are overwhelmingly perceived as fair. But how can we design rules that would be perceived as a fair by very humanly biased innumerable members of a social structure, each having their individual preferences and interests? Can there exist a technology to produce such magic mortar? Well, democracy, genuine direct democracy, could be an approximate tool, but it still leaving us to deal with those who have lost the elections.
If we quest for a clear-cut method, we could reach one, maybe very narrow, but extremely interesting and intellectually appealing zone: the zone of The Absolute Rules, where reside algorithms, rules or sets of rules, that can in the process eliminate the human bias and that have the capacity to lead to decisions which are absolutely impartial and perfectly incontestable. Exquisite products of human intellect, which are Non-Humanly impartial.

The following is one example:

When two pirates had to divide a booty in a fair way, one would divide all the precious things into two heaps, and the other would choose for himself one of those heaps. Done!


About lubomir todorov

The years of work and studies I have spent in countries of diverse anthropological, political and cultural realities like Japan, Australia, Russia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Czechia, and my numerous visits across the globe, were abundant in meetings and conversations with not only politicians, government officials and businessmen, but also people of different existential background, ethnicity, education and profession, philosophy and religion, social status and political inclination: aboriginal painters in Australia, US generals, Japanese Buddhist and Shinto priests, Majesties and members of Royal families, Russian scientists, street Mapuche musicians in Chile, British parliamentarians, Indian philosophers, Czech university professors, CEOs of top Japanese corporations, Chinese social sciences researchers, Dutch entrepreneurs - to mention just a few. Over time all this primary data, intertwined with the everyday inflow of information about human activities all over the world and their real-time consequences, were re-assimilated in my mind through the tools of philosophy, international relations, ethics, biology, economics, history and political sciences to gradually constitute a distinct resolution to re-examine my understanding about politics and the nature of human society. Making all the time hard efforts to keep the methodology machine uncontaminated by ideological, political or personal prejudice, I clung to one rule: If you aspire for the beauty of truth, it is only facts and logic that matter. Questioning the viability of human social and political behaviour and the capacity of existing political systems to lead to where people want to be, I believe that sooner than later, in pursue of sustainable prosperity, our humanity will embrace its ultimate imperative of Civilizational Thinking. Human Civilization is the spiritual dimension of homo sapiens group survival strategy that urges humans to mutually defend their strategic self-interest by generating Civilizational Values; and the optimal political environment for that is Universal Future: a global multifaceted platform on which all polities in their ideological, political, national, cultural, ethnic, religious, racial, etc. diversity exist, interrelate and compete with each other on non-violence basis.
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